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#Libertarian Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan's 13th District. Homeschooling mother. #Fintech Top Influencer. #Bitcoin #Ripple #Life

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Panera is good, but it’s kind of pricey. Every time I go there, I think “who the hell do I think I am?” 😂
@CSchneider_1978 @TmillerXrpI @ProfFaustus am being 100% sincere when I say that having him aligned with XRP promoting it, would be a fucking nightmare.
Let him stay on that side technology and leave the open source world to those who want better.
@bhazpa Yo @RadVladdyu @HammerToer @JorgeStolfi @curbingentropyG @LiamLightmareI @cryptohodler16F @BG_Iradji @a_Scamme @Carsten71071425rDarklys are killing me! 😂😂😂
@Holly07428872 @RidingJapanS @XRPLLabse @JoelKatzcond best? is @JoelKatz so far out of his league the most Craig Wright can hope for is an autograph.
@TheDavey92 @bhazpaA s @eddieiidaelf-p @JoelKatzr @DaveKersten1oc @TeenageBuf @HammerToef @codetsunamie @RabbitKickClubtlaimed shadow broker told me Bitcoin is a gov tool.
(He didn’t say which gov.)
@RidingJapan @XRPLLabsI actually thought of that right after posting! I imagined him thinking “they’re not patenting things over there?” and running right over! 😂😂😂
When Craig Wright dedicates his life to complaining about $XRP on Twitter, you know you’ve won.
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@Stonecold441 @PoloniexThey make every user pay the reserve fee to open a new wallet that will go on the ledger. But only they have the keys to your wallet. You’ll get IOUs, just like every other exchange issues, making this ENORMOUS ledger polluting & expensive process completely unnecessary.

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Lambo for sale in the hotel parking lot. “Crypto only.” Good luck, Buddy.
475K $XRP? LMAO!

#btcmiami #tnabc #bitcoin #xrpthestandard
I ran against @johnconyersjr last year.

I’ve never heard of so many voting machines “breaking” before... 🤔
This is HUGE!!!
Cambridge Global Payments:
$25 billion in cross-border payments
13,000 clients
200 countries
“Cambridge will test expansion of its blockchain-based processing to include the use of $XRP, ’s digital asset”

There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies but only $XRP triggers "journalists" to toss their integrity to the side and shout proudly "THIS ONE HAS NO USE CASE!"
Ask them, on the spot, what they are doing with #Bitcoin that they can't do with XRP and watch the panic set in.
Will a WHOLE $XRP become unaffordable in the next few years?

XRP has six digits of precision. The smallest unit is one millionth of an XRP ( 0.000001 ) and is called a "drop".
1 XRP = 1,000,000 drops.
Feb 1, 2017: $981
Feb 1, 2018: $9,159

Feb 1, 2017: $0.0067
Feb 1, 2018: $1.00
@Ripple has more followers on Twitter than @bitcoin. That escalated quickly!

#Bitcoin $XRP #xrpthestandard
Dear #XRPCommunity, please RT. $XRP is being held hostage by eToro.
This is an unregulated space and we only have strength if we stick together. 🙏
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