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In a dystopian society where TV shows are recorded remotely, it’s only fitting that @charltonbrooker  is tonight’s #HIGNFY  host, with panelists @mrmarksteel  and @FryRsquared  joining Ian and Paul. 9pm - Only on BBC One.

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Ian Paul / One

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The president's speech was outstanding, and very necessary.

The president’s walk through Lafayette Park, controlled the night before by rioters, to the burned out St. John’s Church, holding his bible in his hand, was truly historic. A fabulous moment of enormous important.

President Trump returns to White House after visit to St John’s Church and WH press corps has some questions for him. @CBSNews  #DCProtests 

Trump walked to the church that rioters tried to burn down last night and held up a Bible. Predictably, some are losing their minds. If he hadn’t acknowledged the church burning, they’d criticize him for that, too. Good grief.

Just for the record, all you big companies and influencers (non-black) who are posting and reposting in this time... it don’t mean shit. It’s the cool thing to do rn and you’re just covering your own ass...

Congress should immediately convene and pass a resolution condemning Trump's use of military force against peaceful protesters. Every Democrat and Republican needs to be on record. The Executive Branch is out of control. This is why Congress exists.

No one wants to talk about the fact that these labels get rich off of exploiting black lives and do nothing about the effects of that exploitation. No one is excluded here. NOT SORRY.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what the fuck is donald doing has he ever held a bible

JUST IN: Drake donates $100,000 to National Bailout to aid arrested protesters

'We are tired of being oppressed...black people are tired of dying in the street for no reason.' Arianna Evans says if Trump hears the #GeorgeFloyd  protestors and chooses not to do anything, the American people will vote him out