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This account is run by Hat Trick, who make HIGNFY. The BBC have asked us to point out it's nothing to do with them; the twitter feed that is, not the TV show.

Latest Scoops

As the government sets out to come up with plan B, it's revealed exactly what the B stands for:
Britain reacts to Theresa May surviving latest confidence vote:
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As critics argue it would be impractical to delay Brexit, some suggest putting Chris Grayling in charge.
Live scenes as May and Corbyn clash in Parliament:
As it’s claimed Donald Trump wears long ties to make himself look thinner, experts say not ordering a thousand Big Macs will have the same effect.
MPs likely to reject Corbyn’s vote of no confidence in PM, as the only thing they have less confidence in than her is him.
Theresa May vindicated over decision to postpone Brexit vote in December, as she could have suffered a crushing defeat if she’d held it then.
Live scenes as the government decides what to do next:
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BREAKING: Corbyn tables motion of latest waste of time that won't really affect anything.
Theresa May finally succeeds in ending free movement by backing herself permanently into a corner.
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