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This account is run by Hat Trick, who make HIGNFY. The BBC have asked us to point out it's nothing to do with them; the twitter feed that is, not the TV show.

Latest Scoops

Theresa May compares herself to Geoffrey Boycott as “he got the runs”, and she's shitting herself.
Michael Gove said to be weighing up his options, as he needs to be absolutely sure he's damaging the maximum number of careers at the worst possible time.
Exclusive picture of Jacob Rees-Mogg's letter of no confidence:
Reminder that there's no #HIGNFY tomorrow due to Children in Need.
Fortunately it's been a slow news week.
Dominic Raab issues letter of resignation, as well as a comprehensive list of accomplishments as Brexit minister:
Dominic Raab opts for no-deal resignation, and will throw his wallet into the Thames before leaving Westminster fully nude.
Live scenes as Dominic Raab heads to Brussels with PM’s Brexit deal:
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Theresa May says she still has a lot of work to do, as it’ll be almost impossible to find a venue for leaving drinks this close to the weekend.
After Nigel Farage declares Theresa May’s Brexit agreement "the worst deal in history", Man Utd fans remind him they paid £75m for Romelu Lukaku.
Relief as it’s revealed Brits won’t need visas for short stays in the EU after Brexit, particularly for those who’ve moved their business interests to Ireland:
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