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Mike Rufail

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Decay is obviously a great player, but he didn't fit into our team and didn't want to cooperate with the goals of our staff. We just can't keep someone like that around. We wish him the best and hope he can find a place where his talent fits.

I don't expect everyone to understand, but our team dynamic is important and we have major progress left to be made. We are still working hard to make a playoff push and feel like we have great players to do that with. Not ideal, but we will keep on pushing.

We have our sights set on winning championships. Always have and have been very successful in our history in Overwatch. Tough decisions have to be made sometimes and this was certainly one. Staying positive and looking forward to correcting our course.

@OGE_ow  We made this change as soon as he requested it. Had nothing to do with us wanting to prevent him from joining another team. You know I would never do that to someone on purpose.

Lots of fuel added to the fire today (pun intended). We will make some major changes and get the @DallasFuel  back into the fray. Thankful for all of you have the patience. Working hard. Expect a lot of news for the team and sweeping changes.

How many of you stayed up way too late last night to play Fall Guys?

My thoughts are with the people of Beirut and Lebanon. That explosion was absolutely terrifying.

Someone link me to a clip of that clutch @c4Lypso_  just made vs Complexity. That was so nuts.

We won the Dallas vs Fuel vs Washington match in style. What a series. GG boys.


I have 40 skin codes left to give away to you guys for Christmas. RT/Follow/Like and I'll randomize 10 winners for 4 codes each and DM later this evening! #SantaStro  #BurnBlue 

RT if you would watch eSports on @ESPN 

Hats off to you @Nadeshot  - seriously. You have done so much for COD. I wanted to say a few things to every COD esports fan out there about the future and give my perspective on what's happening around our decision to create @COD_Dallas .

Today, announced his retirement from professional Overwatch on his Facebook account. He has given our organization and fans thrilling memories, insane plays, multiple championships and has been a true pleasure to watch. We wish you the best and brightest future .

If this gets 5000 RTs, I'll get a German comb over haircut and rock it while I cast the Pro Showcase of Advanced Warfare this week.

Wanted to say a couple things about our release of Mutex today

Our team is finalizing negotiations to sign @Rogue_aKm  to the @DallasFuel . More on that soon. #burnblue 

Hate to see what happened to the Excelerate COD team. Tag the players and let them know I'm willing to help them get to CWL Ft. Worth on my dime. I'll do whatever I can to help them get there and compete.