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Boy journalist. Northern Californian. @FastCompany technology editor. http://Technologizer.com founder.

Latest Scoops

As @benjedwards reminds me, the Apollo 11 landing inspired one of the most classic computer games of all time. Here's his definitive history of it. https://t.co/JJNDhBKvuB
Reasonably sure the first demo of any sort I ever saw was your BCS one of Visicalc! Coming up on 40 years ago!
In which I talk—only half kiddingly—about using a time machine to travel back to July 23, 1985. https://t.co/6wozuBM7Qp
Slack’s voice mostly works for me, but yeah, maybe not here. https://t.co/2Y48cWgSfV
I hope @OneJaredNewman appreciates the fact that his Fortnite analysis is illustrated with a photo of him playing Pole Position at the age of two and a half as much as I do. https://t.co/DqdfzXjxZB
I treasured my memories of sitting in kindergarten watching Apollo 11 land on the moon. Until someone pointed out that it happened at night during the summer.
Among your TV-watching options is to cut the cable box, but not the cord. (By @ScottPorch.) https://t.co/FG3BxQu4HC
For someone so emotionally distant from Fortnite, @OneJaredNewman does a great job of explaining its appeal. https://t.co/DqdfzXjxZB
I used to live next to Julius' Castle when it was still extant, and love the idea of it becoming a great restaurant rather than an abandoned building. https://t.co/10Et42HZSE?
Best Buy is far from perfect, but it’s avoided the seemingly inexorable CompUSA/Circuit City descent into increasing terribleness and then death. It’s a better store now than it was a few years ago. https://t.co/k9Ex2Xwcmn
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