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Latest Scoops

From the depths of my email archive: a 2001 missive from a PC World reader who was stiffed by Flooz.
Sundar Pichai on James Damore lawsuit: "Welcome to being a big company."
Sundar Pichai says that AI is a bigger deal for humanity than fire or electricity.
HAL is making an appearance at MSNBC's Pichai/Wojcicki town hall.
I just can't imagine from a humanitarian standpoint that we'd want to send them back to a country they have no allegiance to," says Susan Wojcicki of dreamers.
"People who try to govern from the center get hurt in the process," says Sundar Pichai.
Sundar Pichai says there's "more agreement than not" that immigration is good for the country. Kara Swisher says it sure doesn't feel that way.
Looks like we're almost ready to go.
At MSNBC'S event, @AriMelber is working the press section.
I'm at an MSNBC event where @karaswisher and @AriMelber will interview @sundarpichai and @SusanWojcicki for airing next Friday.
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