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Boy journalist. Northern Californian. @FastCompany technology editor. http://Technologizer.com founder.

Latest Scoops

I’ve started getting Uber receipts for an Australian Harry McCracken.
Here’s my new Technologizer newsletter, on one of my favorite tech companies of all time. https://t.co/GJ3gGeosKr
Here’s my new Technologizer newsletter, on one of my favorite tech companies of all time. https://t.co/TO32tPyy3r
Just me, or do these street-scene ReCAPTCHAs basically just not work? They don't get me into things, they keep me out.
Reading @MikeElgan's obituary for Google+, I wish it were a new service I could join rather than something that's being shut down. https://t.co/rwzNqy8wmx
Here's Google+ superuser @MikeElgan's tribute to a social network which was loved, mocked, ignored, misunderstood, and ultimately deemed superfluous by Google. https://t.co/rwzNqy8wmx
Still working my way through my holiday gift guide pitches from 2001.
The “Sears Network Communicator” handhelds in use at Sears stores mentioned in this article aren’t just Palm Pilot-like; they appear to run Palm OS. https://t.co/CZ5MT1voW7
Here’s the (probably non-final) Excel version of the summary chart for a PDA review I wrote in 1998.
I’m working on a newsletter about Palm (the original one, not the new guys) and going through old email about the company, of which I have a metric ton. (cc: @allenbush)
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