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hari sreenivasan

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No charges against officers involved in Daniel Prude's death by Michael Hill & @apbuf 

Unknown vandals shot a historical marker for Jackie Robinson and another for a lynching victim in rural Georgia by @scottieandrewUF 

WFH set takes advantage of COVID vaccine 'access codes' ? By Cheaters gonna cheat @sherlyholmes  Racists don't see a problem.

Fry’s Electronics going out of business, shutting down all stores | by @samred 

Former Republican @kurtbardella  & I chat about the decline of his former party, the rise of Anti-Asian Violence & more on @amanpourcoPBS 

FDA says J&J 1-dose shot prevents COVID; final decision soon ? by Lauran Neergard & @AP_FDAwriter 

If 46% of Republicans are willing to follow Trump into a new party, what is it's future? Chatted with former Republican @kurtbardella  about what his party has lost and what it cost him to leave it.

Facebook will match Google’s $1 billion news investment after Australia showdown by For context the com @nickstattany  had $11B net income last QUARTER, $29B net income over the past 12 months.

1 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT. And this number could continue to grow. by @schmidtsam7 

Inside a Battle Over Race, Class and Power at Smith College by @powellnyt 


The 'world's first' A.I. news anchor has gone live in China I think this is what was politely warning @AndrewYangVFAe  about when we spoke

Trumpism does not go away when 45 leaves the White House. @ProjectLincoln 's @TheRickWilson  knows that. After 30 years, he left the Rs, & now has vowed to chase down the enablers who brought Rs, & all of us here. | @amanpourcoPBS 

Let me show you how to debunk claims you’ve seen or shared online so you can stay informed. #TakeOnFake 

Kelly Loeffler's conflict of interest is even worse than reported. by @DavidCornDC 

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Eric Trump cancels event at Michigan gun shop after former employee is linked to domestic terror plot against governor by @NatashaDado 

Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots | by Thanks to work by @_karenhaoh @techreviewleen carley'>Ka @_KarenHaoh @techreviewleen Carley and team @IDeaSCMU 

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Guy next to me in airport was PSYCHED about ruling on gay marriage. Asked him why- He's a divorce lawyer.

#BreloVerdict mean new police strategy? have multiple police shoot simultaneously - so no 1 bullet can be found to cause fatality?

Senate Republicans say Trump should be held accountable for riot -- but not by them - by @mkraju 

Thought Experiment: If 6 "brown guys" plotted to kidnap a sitting Governor, blow up a bridge to slow cops, then put that Governor on trial for treason, would the national reaction be any different? Now swap brown with Mexicans/ Chinese/ Immigrants... 2020.