@JoyAnnReid  leads #TheReidOut  tonight with the apparent renewed effort by many on the American right to make sure #COVID19  is here to stay. #reiders 

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White House illustrates government cradle-to-grave role with the “Life of Linda” series in their latest Build Back Better release

Teachers took grade schoolers on a field trip to a gay bar. Imagine the outrage if they had taken the kids on a field trip to church.

Shah Rukh Khan All Smiles With legal Team After Son #AryanKhan 's BailRead more:

#Exclusive The arrest of Aryan khan was illegal in the first place....SRK fought every day for this victory: Satish Maneshinde, Aryan Khan's Lawyer. #Newstrack  with @rahulkanwal  #AryanKhan  #Aryangetsbail 

Frankie the Dino, voiced by actor Jack Black, tells UN "don't choose extinction" as part of new climate campaign

The WH and Dems *did* in the end go with a more focused approach and I think that's better than what the alternatives were. The paid leave and prescription drug pricing omissions are just utter madness: wildly popular policies sacrificed on the altar of "centrism"

From @WSJopinion : Democrats are writing tax policy for a $22 trillion economy on the fly, with little thought to the consequences and no time for public debate

"SRK Had Tears Of Joy": Ex-Attorney General Who Fought For Aryan Khan Bail

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University of Cambridge-led experts have proved that Ernie Lapointe (pictured right) is the great-grandson of Lakota Sioux leader Sitting Bull READ MORE: