"His national emergency is completely made up. If you look at the facts, violent crime is down across the United States ... border crossings are down. The President's going to lose in court." on Trump's threat to declare a natl emergency over the border wall. #Hardball 

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Duterte fires PACC exec who sought probe on Robredo's coronavirus relief efforts

@RepJasonCrow : "We need leadership. The admin. is not going to fire their way out of this problem. They can't continue to push responsibility down to the low levels, fire captains, people on the ground. It's time for them to respond & admit we're in a crisis & start leading."

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responds to a question about the U.S. blocking shipments of 3M N95 masks. She says each minister is in touch with their U.S. counterpart about the issue: 'We're just going to pull out all the stops on this one.'

A Venezuelan naval boat picked -- and lost -- a fight with a passenger cruise liner off the country's northern coast this week, ramming it several times before accidentally taking on water and sinking.

Joe Biden: “No American should have to wait a single minute so Donald Trump can put his signature on a physical check."

This groom surprised his bride on their wedding day in the most beautiful way 😭

#BREAKING: Dallas County coronavirus stay-at-home order extended until May 20

Dismissed U.S. carrier captain gets hero's ovation from crew

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Viktor Orban gave himself extraordinary powers to rule by decree, allegedly in order to fight the virus. So far, he has used them to pass edicts on museum construction, theater management and sex change operations

Alabama county received 5,000 rotted masks from national stockpile

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