Mother / Zoom / Book Club Whatsapp Facetime

Things I never expected to hear my Mother ask: “What’s Zoom like? Will that be better for me to move the Book Club on to rather than Whatsapp of Facetime?” #COVID ー19 #coronavirus 

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Mother / Zoom / Book Club Whatsapp Facetime

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Whoever thought it was possible for Blue State governors to shut down the country, tank the economy, strip away our constitutional rights, foment unrest in the streets, empty the jails, and criminalize the police. God help us, America.

Fed up with their working conditions, a handful of employees from East Africa took on Amazon. They pulled off feats of organizing no Amazon workers ever had before. This is the inside story of the showdown between Amazon and a group of Somali immigrants.

This is for Sergine Lucien and her children Phoenix and Jayden who were profiled in The Washington Post. She's overwhelmed by the kindess and generosity. Please direct donations to this link. via @gofundme 

Medical workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic march in Washington, DC, on Saturday in a show of support for those protesting George Floyd's death. 📷 Lucas Jackson / Reuters

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Coronavirus: Paris returns to cafe life with new normal

Cameron Welch took to TikTok to share the rules his mom makes him follow as a young black man in America.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: "Police should not be warriors when they're dealing with the civilian population. They should actually be guardians."

WATCH: The college football season may not take place this year. That has thousands of local business owners in university towns across the country on edge