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As a human being, I am committed to the promotion of what I call basic human values, by which I mean especially compassion. Nurturing the compassionate seed within us and acting out of this innate capacity are the keys to fulfilling our basic aspiration to happiness.

In these days of #Lent , we've been witnessing the persecution that Jesus underwent and how He was judged ferociously, even though He was innocent. Let us #PrayTogether  today for all those persons who suffer due to an unjust sentence because of someone had it in for them.

There are always times in life when we fall, each one of us is a sinner. But what matters is our attitude before God. We ask for the grace to persevere in service and, when we fall, the grace to weep as Peter wept. #HomilySantaMarta 

Important to remember so many people are going through what Boris Johnson is going through right now & so many families are desperately hoping their loved ones make it through. If you’re religious, say a prayer for them all. If you’re not, wish them luck. We’re in this together.

me, innocently half an hour late, waiting for my lovely chat with @Gaydio  😂💕✨ jade x

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BREAKING: Michael Gove, Cabinet Office Minister & one of the most senior members of Govt, is now self-isolating as a member of his family has displayed symptoms of COVID-19.

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Funeral director tells A Day in the Life of Coronavirus Britain she's stocked FOUR times the number of coffins

Racism and Hatred needs to be met with strictest punishment! A few miscreants cannot create divide among Indians.

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