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Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank William Abignale Jr.
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I’m usually really good at keeping things a secret like songs and albums and videos and collabs. But sometimes I just get reaaaaaaally juiced about something and everyday feels like I’m gonna explode with the secret.
PSA! If you’re going to outdoor shows this summer, and you’re in the pit, and you’re binding, PLEASE do it safely. 🖤 it’s hot and exhausting down there as it is. we don’t want you passing out and missing the show!
Haven’t slept in 36 hours and all I can think is that the police rapid sirens in Jakarta make the same sound as an F-11D blaster rifle. I love Star Wars and I need sleep. That is all.
Pin up ting. Jakarta ! You were beautiful.
kiss me kiss me kiss me
Little sisters* 🙄🙄🙄🙄
be gentle with the young ones in your life. your little brothers, litter sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors. the way you speak to them becomes their inner voice later in life. raise confident and compassionate young people. ❣️
in Jakarta for the first time ever headlining ON OFF festival let’s gooooooo!!!! @IsmayaLive 🌸
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