Las Vegas / Russian / Israelis

The queen of Las Vegas and Israel's own Russian oligarch: Who's who on 2019's richest Israelis list?

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Las Vegas / Russian / Israelis

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Jim Jordan: “Do you know what a quid pro quo is?” Guy appointed as an ambassador after donating $1M to Trump’s inauguration: “I do.”

President #DonaldTrump  holds notes while speaking to the media before departing the White House for Texas 📷: Mark Wilson#QuidProQuo 

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Many Republicans have left the impeachment hearing room as testimony with Amb. Sondland continues.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier: "The president of the United States has 5 pinocchios everyday so let's not go there." (Audible applause in the room.)

'The veneer has been torn away.' House Intelligence Committee Chariman Schiff said that Sondland's testimony was a very important moment in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. #impeachmenthearing 

Rep. Devin Nunes: "For those of you watching at home, that was not a bathroom break. That was actually a chance for the Democrats to go out and hold a press conference." #sondlandtestimony 

Which is why the President would use that specific phrase -- he knew he was being accused of precisely that. The White House had seen the complaint, which discusses said quid-pro-quo.

Sondland closes hole he left open for GOP. How did you know if POTUS never told you about aid? Answer: because he told me talk to Giuliani and Giuliani made Trump’s interests clear.