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It makes me so happy too AND I got to get to know you and have so much fun creating together you always make me smile ily so much @ArianaGrande 

Celebrating “Rain On Me” with my little buddy KOJI. Miss my gurl Ari. 💕☔️ @ArianaGrande  I have a bottle of rosé with our name on it, when it’s ok to hug u again 😭💕💕 #Chromatica  is coming!!!!!

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Study suggests almost half of the Twitter accounts urging to reopen America are fake bots:

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My take on Jeff Sessions? Not a man you can count on. This is a man who ran from the political battlefield only to insist it was his solemn obligation to do so. “Whenever a weak man does something he’s ashamed of, he always declares it’s his duty!”

Y’all are so cute this hashtag made my day. 🌼🌼🌼🌼 #POChalsies 

I’m favoriting as many as I can as fast as I can while still appreciating your pics and not just blindly clicking sorry I’m slow 😭 ur all stunning

Note to self: Never trend and have the company you work for trend 'cause you were videoed lying to a police dispatcher on a dude birdwatching who asked you to leash your dog whom you illegally had off-leash in Central Park then proceeded to strangle. Don't do that. Self: Got it.

I thought we learned from Nelly— you not getting no points for any Biggie Duets record’s one these battles. Can we ban em? Please

Two months into this nightmare and I still ask myself, “wait, do I have covid?” seventeen times a day.