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AFC account of football writer @jamesmcnicholas (Gunnerblog, Bleacher Report, Mirror Football, CNN, ESPN & others). You can always find him #ITK at parties.

Latest Scoops

AW asked if he's confident of securing an extension for Ozil: "I am confident, yes... What that means, I don't know."
AW: "Maitland-Niles is the future. He can play left-back, right-back & central midfield. He adapts quickly and is a good defender. He has very quick recovery runs."
NEW VIDEO - On the Whistle: Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle - "Ozil's audition for the Cazorla role" https://t.co/WUAIePu1U9
Great goal, vital three points, but not a particularly good performance. On the Whistle to follow shortly.
Xhaka can look absolutely braindead at times.
Arsenal inviting trouble in this last 10 minutes.
There has to be a case for introducing Coquelin or Elneny to steady the ship a bit here.
Some fans booing the decision to bring Lacazette off. The substitution seems entirely justified today to me.
Bellerin’s having a bit of a stinker.
1-0. Cracker of a volley from that renowned holding midfielder, Mesut Ozil.
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