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AFC account of football writer @jamesmcnicholas (Gunnerblog, Bleacher Report, Mirror Football, CNN, ESPN & others). You can always find him #ITK at parties.

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Listen to this week's Arsecast Extra to hear exactly what Nikos Dabizas made of his involvement in *that* Bergkamp goal.

Some have questioned how serious Thierry's coaching ambitions really are. Walking away from Sky now suggests the World Cup has whetted his appetite. Wish him luck.
Been at a wedding all weekend. For those who watched the whole Borehamwood game, what was the formation? Where did Auba play? Thanks in advance!
New blog: If he stays, Aaron Ramsey is the right choice as Arsenal captain

For @unibet

Completely agree. Felt like the irony and playfulness was genuinely lost on most of the rest of the world.
Had a really great chat with @iandstone about his life as an Arsenal fan - including everything from the moment he fell in love with Highbury to becoming friends with Ian Wright. Available to download for all @arseblog Patreon members right now.

This summer, thanks t @Englando a @GarethSouthgatend , many of us felt that. I hugged Spurs fans, strangers, and I had the thrill of believing. Being at Hyde Park yesterday really was one of the great days.

International football is back. And it’s fantastic.
Success with your club is special because it’s confined to a select few. The joy of international football, when it’s done right, is that it allows you to share those moments with people you never otherwise would: mates who support a rival, mates who aren’t really into the game.
New blog: Does Torreira's arrival mean Arsenal could be preparing to deploy a midfield diamond?

Pretty weird first day at work for footballer Lucas Torreira https://t.co/a4v8XF65xP
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