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AFC account of football writer @jamesmcnicholas (Gunnerblog, Bleacher Report, Mirror Football, CNN, ESPN & others). You can always find him #ITK at parties.

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TV companies must have mixed feelings on VAR.

The decision-making process makes for terrible telly - but pundits slagging off VAR in the studio is box office.
Here, against my better judgement, is the original. #totallycrackersh https://t.co/xhFBhvF5zM
Atletico get Sporting.
Really hoping for Atletico vs. Lazio.
@johncrossmirror Zaza for one!

I didn't like the dive but my point is I find it odd that THIS dive, more than any other, appears to be generating so much interest.
@johncrossmirror Welbeck’s hardly a serial offender though, is he? It’s a reflex. He thinks contact is coming; it doesn’t.

It’s when players systematically dive, hang legs out etc, and continually get away with it - that’s the real problem.
I love how upset everyone is over the penalty.

Neutrals hate it when we don’t fuck up. Ruins their fun.
AW says of his first-team squad, only four will be at London Colney during the international break. "We have more coaches than players next week".
AW: "Koscielny got a kick in his back. We don't think it's bad."
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