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AFC account of football writer @jamesmcnicholas (Gunnerblog, Bleacher Report, Mirror Football, CNN, ESPN & others). You can always find him #ITK at parties.

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Some sensational moments from Arsenal and Ozil tonight. Pod is here early. Tuck in. https://t.co/RDFeqy6tO2
Enough of you have asked and sod it I’m in a good mood
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VIDEO: Immediate post-match thoughts - From a bus-stop on the Liverpool Road
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WWWWWWWWWWe’re getting our Arsenal back.
The new Alex Iwobi chant is a thing of beauty.
That third goal had me hugging strangers in Block 6.
Ben Chilwell is a very promising left-back and the kind of player Arsenal should probably be looking at next summer.
Last shoutout for my @unibet column looking at Emery's probable priorities coming out of the international break:

New for @unibet: After the international break, Emery’s biggest priority should be sorting the centre of Arsenal’s defence

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