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'Horror show': critics hope Bolsonaro's foul tirade could end rule

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Here are some of the business stories you need to read today: 💰 US billionaires have become $565 billion richer since March 18 📈 ZoomInfo just went public. No, not that Zoom 💬 Mark Cuban had seriously weighed a run for president last month

"We saw George Floyd's casket being wheeled out to the sound of protesting, to the sound of people who were upset," @PattersonNBC  reports of demonstrations in Minneapolis, following Thursday's memorial service. "It was a very energetic, very...somber scene."

#BREAKING White House says China's Tiananmen Square 'slaughter' not forgotten

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"I used to dream of crossing the border to the north, to the United States. Now I don't, because I see that a white cop is killing a black man." #GeorgeFloyd 's killing is making this caravan of mostly Black migrants hesitant about coming to the U.S.

‘We gotta make America uncomfortable, like we’ve been uncomfortable for 400 years.’ — Eric Garner’s mother and @TheRevAl  Sharpton are joining with other leaders to push for police accountability in the NYPD

At highschool he shone at sports and was recruited by South Florida State to play basketball

Behind greatly expanded White House barriers - or as some joked, the wall he has always wanted - President Trump has spent much of the day lashing out, and complaining that he is being mistreated. Meantime: -U.S. coronavirus deaths now 108K -Unemployment could hit 20% Friday

Cuomo says George Floyd protesters should assume they've been exposed to coronavirus

‘We’re going back to Washington’: Rev. Al Sharpton announces march in DC set for Aug. 28