Coal giant Glencore says its carbon emissions will fall 30% by 2035

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US government blames #WhistleBlower  carrier captain: -- It was inappropriate to write a 5-page letter, which is "all over the place": Trump -- It creates the perception that the Navy is not on the job, the government's not on the job: Navy Secretary

Front Row at the Trump Show review: Jonathan Karl's pre-pandemic warning

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is backpedaling to stanch the sell-off of his virus-battered currency

#Breaking | Case registered against 10 Philippines nationals for violating Visa, entering Navi Mumbai 'illegally & spreading Coronavirus'. Listen in.

The #coronavirus  pandemic is increasing poverty in Britain, where levels are already high after a decade of austerity triggered by the global financial crisis, according to experts

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#Coronavirus keeps you from nature, but brings animals to your window 🦌 more:

Throwback: Not a soul to be seen on a New York subway this afternoon

NEW: Scotland's chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood has been photographed breaking her own lockdown measures while visiting her family's second home .

Welcome to the family, little ones! A black swan couple living in Beijing’s Yuanmingyuan Park had their five fluffy babies arrived on Apr 4.