The US suffragette movement tried to leave out Black women. They showed up anyway

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Yes, I’ve gone there. Me on the annoying dilution of the word “staycation” to mean whatever the hell we want it to mean (and why that use is a tad classist).

"We need to make sure we clean the air, not just surfaces" - A UCC Professor says good ventilation is needed to limit coronavirus spread in schools and workplaces. @BreakfastNT 

Father of rescued teenager: ‘They had a target, their aim was to get to the island’

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Behavior alone can’t account for differences in how Covid-19 spreads

Here are conditions across #Kentuckiana  on our satellite and radar. Find more weather on my Facebook page at and #WHAS11  #FirstAlertStormTeam  #WakeUp11 

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Even if you are fully open to being influenced, you may not be transparent about how others can influence you. Here are four levels that show increasing transparency about how you can be influenced. @HBRAscend  #WorkHappy