Bloomberg / California

Once a longshot, Bloomberg is gaining ground in California. Will it last?

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Bloomberg / California

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The coronavirus outbreak shows how important it is for us to keep our borders secure. It's also why @realDonaldTrump  is right to want a trade policy focused on increasing American manufacturing. He understands that it's dangerous for our economy to be beholden to China!

Less than 24 hours after Bloomberg’s friend Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing, Mini’s girlfriend is telling women & the #metoo  crowd to “get over it” as it pertains to his alleged harassment!😳 Bloomberg's GF Diana Taylor on concerns over NDAs: 'Get over it'

Wow, a must read... Mini seems willing to do anything to protect China and his business there. When Bloomberg News’s reporting on China was challenged, Bloomberg tried to ruin me for speaking out by Leta Hong Fincher

Despite Record Media Bias, Trump More Popular Than Obama at Same Point in Presidency via @dbongino 

“Opportunity zones are major in my business right now. It’s had a 180 degree turnaround for our business. . . I love that President@realDonaldTrump  is grace under fire. He’s gone through hell and he came out smelling like a rose!” #KAG2020  US

Safety Reigns Supreme: Indian Railways registers the best ever safety record in FY2019-20 with ZERO passenger fatality in 11 months, owing to continuous efforts for improving safety & security in all respects.

Volvo's high-performance electric-vehicle brand just revealed a sleek concept car that hints at how it will compete with established makes like Tesla

Why a famed Texas oil family is hunting for cheap solar power from perovskites, a class of minerals first discovered 180 years ago in the Ural mountains and named for a Russian scientist

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Many learned about NASA mathematician Katharine Johnson, who died yesterday, through "Hidden Figures." There's another trailblazing Black woman who wrote the book on which the film was based.