Teenage boy the latest to die in Libyan refugee detention centre

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@EamonFennell joins @DecPierce  and @AnnaGCork  now on Pumped Up Kicks to preview Dublin Vs Donegal this evening in @CrokePark  🙌🙌 Listen Live:

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Reverting to the dark blue of pre-EU days has been a point of pride for many Britons who voted to leave the bloc in a 2016 referendum – even though the new passport will be made by a Franco-Dutch firm

Radio group ‘did not feel it incumbent’ to allow stations to ‘promote competitor’ (via @IrishTimesBiz )

Just heard @SkyNews  refer to Friends as a “cult sitcom”. This must be the most cavalier use yet of a much mistreated word.

I spoke to my grate frend Elisabeth Moss about Mad Men, The Handmaid's Tale, #MeToo  and the pretty awesome THE INVISIBLE MAN.

Would you like to see Mario present The Last Word? Maybe Dermot & Dave on Breakfast? Coming soon on Today FM, with thanks to #MiWadi  MiWay, we’re giving YOU the chance to mix-up the schedule on Today FM! Get voting here ⬇️⬇️

Big reaction to this! @PeyonceJoyce  talks about her love life, live on-air, with her Mam! ❤️ Any potential match must be "easy on the eye, take a good tan and be able to pass her drinks when she's decrepit and old" 😂

War of Independence files on IRA policing of spies goes on display

Feinstein employed a Chinese spy for 2 decades. Media didn’t care. Gov't didn't care. FBI didn’t care. Someone should expose ChiFi & her husband's dirty deals enriching themselves while she pushed legislation & policies favorable to China & selling out 🇱🇷

Phillip Haney, DHS whistleblower on Obama administration terrorism in America, found dead. “The current indications point to him being shot to death”

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