People at King’s Cross site express unease about facial recognition

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Mario remixed THAT famous GAA ad! 😂🤣 You know the one! @GiftGrubMario  @IanDempsey  #GiftGrub  #AllIrelandFinal 

@molloy1916  I was mostly on board. But he really needs to learn some discipline. (This could have slipped to a three star if I was on a grumpy day).

I began working at 12 it gave me money, hope and inspiration. "Unemployment rate for Americans between ages 16 and 24 ticked down to 9.1% in July...lowest such rate since 1966... those working or seeking work also ticked up to highest level in a decade."

Many young protesters were born after 1997, the year when Britain handed control of Hong Kong back to China. See the full video:

It’s great to see the world is finally starting to see political leaders for who they are. It’s why certain leaders were prevented from traveling to a particular location. I’m looking forward to the time America stops coddling terrorists.

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And only 50% know what a stinging nettle looks like. 🔎 Learn more about the benefits of nature:

Rashida never planned on visiting her grandmother in Israel. Her intention from the start was to continue the democrat’s agenda; the constant vilification of POTUS. Notice how she went from the role of aggressor to victim? It was by her design. No one else’s.

Japanese crown melons may look like your typical cantaloupe from the outside — but they're so much more

XBw82c2tBS JUST WATCH IT! 😀 Turn up the volume & listen. Her name is Tiffany Day, and when she found a well with a nice echo on her vacation in Italy, she started singing.. GIF via angie_karan _tiffanyday BerryYNWA

What a smart mother! This beautiful video from Kronotsky Nature Reserve shows Bochka the mother bear deliberately choosing a spot next to photographers' den to feed little ones - she knows that male cannibal bears won't attack in such close proximity to humans @kronoki