People at King’s Cross site express unease about facial recognition

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The first rape survivor ever to waive her anonymity in Ireland says a complainant’s sexual history should not be a factor in a rape case. @kerwick_lavinia  on @PatKennyNT 

Immune systems of severely infected patients lack their usual co-ordinated response

Parents who are receiving the pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) will be entitled to claim the back to school clothing and footwear allowance for their children.

Heroin worth €3 million seized in Dublin, two men questioned

The Public Prosecution Service said that two men, aged 78 and 49, are to face fraud charges in relation to what was the North’s largest ever property deal.

Another video about #mumbaifloods  going viral. Gujarati deadpan humour rivals the dry-wit of the British. Even if you don’t understand Gujarati you are going to have a broad smile on your face...

Science, technology & innovation collaboration between India & Japan is increasing significantly and both nations are looking to have trusted partners from authentic investors. It is important for us to expand our trade & business relationship INJP

The UK is facing the prospect of a future with no Chinese tourists

Victorian officials dismiss claim of 'secret modelling' showing daily Covid cases of 1,100 next week

"Putin is Trump's honey trap, one of his former advisers told me. Some of the most experienced US intelligence officials have told me that Putin is aware of Trump’s admiration for him & has sought to exploit it.” Incredible detail in @jimsciutto ’s latest: