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Why some hydropower plants are worse for the climate than coal.

A different way to die: The story of a natural burial

Do you have to travel the world to know what poverty is? Or, should you?

While climate change may have entered the political mainstream, many environmentalists believe candidates are aiming too low on this front.

Hydropower, popularly seen as a green energy source can release more greenhouse gases than coal- or oil-burning power plants, under certain conditions.

One of President Trump’s staunchest supporters joined a new bipartisan climate caucus in the Senate.

We broke down what climate change will do, region by region.

What HAS Leonardo DiCaprio done for climate change? Grist investigates.

The group that pushed the Green New Deal sets its sights on 2020 and beyond.


We broke down what climate change will do, region by region:

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Countries out of #ParisAccord : - Syria - Nicaragua - United States Countries in the accord: - Every - other - country - in - the - world

"Drought, wildfires, heat waves, mudslides, rising sea-levels, and much much more. In terms of climate change, the debate is over. The issue in front of us is not a scientific debate. It has everything to do political will."

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For the next 13 Fridays, Jane Fonda will demonstrate on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to ask lawmakers to put an end to fossil fuel drilling.

California has gotten 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit hotter since 1970, and that’s the primary driver of the 5-fold increase in torched forests over that period.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump, three of his children & others signed a 2009 letter urging President Obama to take climate action

California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines designed to reverse climate change by sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere. These machines are more high-tech than anything humans have designed. They’re called plants.

"We risk a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario where the wealthy pay to escape overheating, hunger, and conflict while the rest of the world is left to suffer."

One Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as a single U.S. household consumes in three weeks. In total, Bitcoin now consumes about as much energy as Portugal. And it’s about to get much, much worse than that.