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They'll help the president-elect maximize the potential of executive action.

Indigenous leaders on the growing #LandBack  movement and their fight for climate justice.

Here's how Biden could bring back environmental protections.

We're eating away our future, but a new study shows there's a diet for a cooler planet.

Self-driving tractors? Robot apple pickers? Here’s why the future of farming is so high tech.

In Obama’s ‘A Promised Land,’ a president tries to work with Republicans — and gets burned.

After passing with bipartisan support in August, the conservation law hits stumbling blocks. Here's what may happen next. (via @highcountrynews )

Experiencing happiness, no matter its provenance or duration, actually sets you up to better endure future sadness down the line.

A conversation with Catherine Flowers, author of "Waste: One Woman's Fight Against America's Dirty Secret."

Environmentalists fear Georgia Power is buying up lands in an effort to forestall the cleanup bill from new regulations for coal ash.


We broke down what climate change will do, region by region:

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Countries out of #ParisAccord : - Syria - Nicaragua - United States Countries in the accord: - Every - other - country - in - the - world

1/ “They're killing people by doing this.” In 2008, a sugarcane fire in Palm Beach County, FL, left six elementary school students hospitalized. Two weeks later the school board renewed a lease of its land to U.S. Sugar.

2/ The school year coincides with the annual sugarcane harvest burn. Filling the air with smoke, soot, and ash, the burn releases a type of particulate matter linked to health risks. All while kids sit in class, right next to the fields.

"Drought, wildfires, heat waves, mudslides, rising sea-levels, and much much more. In terms of climate change, the debate is over. The issue in front of us is not a scientific debate. It has everything to do political will."

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EXCLUSIVE: Trump, three of his children & others signed a 2009 letter urging President Obama to take climate action

One Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as a single U.S. household consumes in three weeks. In total, Bitcoin now consumes about as much energy as Portugal. And it’s about to get much, much worse than that.

@LeoDiCaprio  calls #climatechange  the world's most "urgent threat." Smart guy. #Oscars 

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California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines designed to reverse climate change by sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere. These machines are more high-tech than anything humans have designed. They’re called plants.