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News flash: It's not really a "booming" economy if the typical young couple can't afford to have children.

@BillKristol  For you establishment liberals who view @BillKristol  as a font of wisdom and knowledge - you know who you are - here are some of his greatest hits about Iraq. He followed it up a few years after by being Sarah Palin's biggest booster. He's dreamy and wise

"Junipers can live for more than a thousand years, but the BLM says they are suddenly advancing. It's nonsense. The real reason for this deforestation is simple. It's to make room for cows." via @Sierra_Magazine 

Joe Biden’s campaign is launching advertising in Super Tuesday states — but the small ad buy leaves the former vice president significantly outmatched by most of his Democratic rivals as 14 states prepare to vote on March 3

Schumer requesting $8.5 billion in emergency funding to combat coronavirus

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The debate has been settled. By peanut butter, natch.

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Julian Assange’s defense says the case is politically motivated as it would be an attempt for the Donald Trump Administration to gain political points. #PressFreedom  #FreePress  #FreeAssange 

The President’s Budget request for the next fiscal year makes outrageous cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heating assistance for low-income families, gun violence prevention research, and the list goes on.

'Targeted for being Muslim': Inside the mosque burned by rioters in worst Delhi violence for decades

First probe to explore far side of the Moon reveals secrets of lunar surface