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My @VOANews  show today...and it is EXTREMELY timely ..please watch and tell me what you think...factual?informative?

Note: Trump campaign 2020 has sued NYT....if the case gets past a motion to dismiss, get ready for the depositions on both side of this will be interesting..(unless sealed ..but there should be transparency)

Are we really having this discussion about how much money Congress should authorize to combat coronavirus? Isn’t the answer obvious: whatever is needed??Keep politics out of this one. Do what is right for country.

Why coronavirus could cause a massive shortage of Coke via @MailOnline 

Should social security benefits be taxed?

Check out my show today on @VOANews  - about #coronavirus  - click here (and tell me if show factual and fair)


This is horrible horrible ...what was ABC News thinking? If we in the media want credibility, we have to stop doing stupid things like this..

Why did Lanny Davis do this? And how can any news organization now use him as a source? Or even book him on a show?

Does it bother you that some reporters who were not so nice in the 2008 election about Sen McCain using some rough (insulting) words to describe him are now out there saying all sorts of nice things about him as though they never said or thought the earlier?

If you settle (pay) a personal law suit with taxpayer money or company money without telling shareholders,you are committing a crime.

Chris Wallace should know better than to use anonymous“well connected Republican” - he should name names or not say this at all as without the identity (what is a ‘welll connected??’) its purpose is merely to smear and cause trouble - name names or don’t say this at all;

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do you know that sent him $25k when he got out to help him get started in life? He sent me the check to forward and I did

Why so little information about the killer in Vegas (58 gun downed in Oct 2017?) It almost seems like that investigation got dropped by law enforcement and the I wrong? Are you satisfied you got enough information about him or does it seem to have been dropped?