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Greg James

Greg James

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@ChrisHewgill @HashPiperdy  @ITV  @BBCOne  @ChallengeTV  @davechannel  @Channel4  @channel5_tv  @SkyArts  @NatGeo  You reap what you sow. You were luke warm on Whose V Is It Anyway

@RadioToday And what a great night it was. As always, it’s lovely to see Global entering themselves

@MickLaSalle Enjoy the retweets, I hope they make you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life Mick

RT @SaturdayKitchen : TOMORROW at 10!🚨 Matt's cooking with duo Jack Croft & Will Murray, Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed PLUS Great British Menu's C…

@DaniedmundsDani @BBCR1  @calumsleslie  This is UNBELIEVABLE

RT @Tash_Salmon : Please appreciate the name of my brother's speaker because "it's the speaker of the house"

@shonejohnstone Start as you mean to go on I guess

RT @ChrisHewgill : There’s a new The Fast And The Curious reviewing the #AusGP  with me and @gregjames  AUChaos and confusion explained 🧡…

@hibbz14 It was a huge moment for me too. Home crowd. Cheers!


This is the best video the Official Charts Company will ever do. Absolutely crying.

Might be nice for us to leave Kit Harington alone for a bit if he’s struggling with his mental health. He has said he sometimes finds fame and attention ‘terrifying’. This isn’t an excuse to make shit Game of Thrones jokes for retweets. Think of other ways to plug your soundcloud

She didn’t deserve this.

Oh my god that was properly brilliant wasn’t it. Also, most brilliantly British thing ever bashing pots and pans! Extraordinary times can only be overcome with extraordinary acts of humanity GGqwNa4Lvg#clapforNHS 

Shoutout to the camera crew having to stand in the dark waiting for her to come in

lol @scooterbraun  @scottborchetta . This is embarrassing. Probs should sort this out ASAP I reckon. Also while I’ve got you, the Bieber verse on Bad Guy is an abomination.