strange that those heroic images of the two shot police officers are not everywhere - as opposed to videos of police incidents that pave way for violent uprisings and terror.

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BREAKING: Louisville police say officer has been shot as protests grow over lack of charges for officers in Breonna Taylor's death. The officer's condition was unknown.

President Trump declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the Nov. 3 election to Democratic rival Joe Biden

Live on @MSNBC : Rep. Schiff joins @maddow  to discuss President Trump's declination to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, should he lose in the November election.

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The Heat record for rookie points in a playoff game was 27 by Mr. Wade. Mr. Herro now has 30.

That grand jury literally erased #BreonnaTayor . The fact that an innocent black woman was killed didn’t merit action/charges. What matter was that other people *could* have been killed. It’s as if she was never there, like she never lived.

Filmmaker Merawi Gerima is exploring the problem of gentrification in historically Black neighborhoods across the U.S. in his debut film ‘Residue’

BIDEN'S 'BIGOTRY': @RedPillBlack  says for decades, Joe Biden has 'ignored the black community - except when he needs your vote' on Newsmax TV's 'Greg Kelly Reports'.

the official position of the president and presumably the white house is you effectively do not have a right to vote if you may vote against the president

A second wave of coronavirus is already underway in most of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says

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