anchors blithely mentioning systemic racism without the prefix "alleged" or a specific example to back it up- that's called bias - even if you're right.

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There is a faction of the extreme Left on Twitter who believe that @DanielAndrewsMP  cannot do anything wrong and will viciously attack anyone who says otherwise, according to Sky News@DaisyCousens .

William Barr: Many on the left want to tear down the system; 'it's a substitute for religion'

Alex Azar, the United States Health and Human Services secretary, met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Monday, the highest-level meeting between Washington and the self-ruled island in decades.

Love Rick Santorum on @NewDay  blaming -- wait for it -- Obama for Trump's use of "executive actions."

Women report doing 20% more “office housework” than white men. Meanwhile, glamour work that leads to networking and promotion opportunities, such as project leadership and presentations, goes disproportionately to white men.

“That was it: Boom. In my line, five people were positive." A massive COVID-19 outbreak at FGF Brands, an industrial bakery in Toronto, led to 184 employees, many of them low-wage temporary workers, testing positive. The public was never informed.

I don’t value much of ambulance attendant’s conclusions but I can definitely value the observations of the ambulance attendant: Dinesh Rao, Forensic Expert tells TIMES NOW. | #SushantMurderQuestion 

EDITORIAL | What happened to that trillion-dollar infrastructure plan pushed for years? What happened to immigration? What happened to health care? Nothing, because Trump can’t deal.

Lawmakers demand removal of Postmaster General DeJoy over ‘nefarious’ efforts to ‘aid Trump re-election’

Testing royal taboos: inside Thailand's new youth protests

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