driving thru NYC, seeing bars reopening...people washing windows and setting out chairs...made me want to get out of the car and bar hop for 72 straight hours. i think i may start tomorrow.

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“The protesters are not real” was not a talking point I anticipated!

Protests near White House grow festive: "I want to keep going for as long as I can"

Reverend Al Sharpton's passionate speech at George Floyd's memorial brought those in attendance to their feet.

An inmate died Wednesday after being pepper sprayed while in his cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. A source familiar with the investigation tells @ABC  News the inmate died of a heart attack.

@pia_gutierrez  Duterte: When you die, there is a special place for you -- in heaven if you are as good as me. If you are bad, the hottest place in hell. Nandoon 'yung mga tarantado. I'm sure I am not going there. LIVE:

Millenials had the financial crisis of 2007, Occupy was basically a direct response to this, as well as this generation waking up to politics. The same is happening now with mass unemployment, the corona crisis and rampant racism for Gen Z

Trump is relying on the shadowy specter of "antifa" to evoke fear in the American people. @bgzimmer  on the historical manipulation of the term: