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"This global pandemic is a catastrophe." @ladygaga  joins the World Health Organization news conference on the novel coronavirus pandemic.

You really should watch this if you are one of the many readers who complain to me that journalists "never push back" on him.

This act of Pakistan is especially reprehensible when the world is fighting COVID19, and here is Pakistan which is aiding and abetting infiltration: Commander Lt Gen BS Raju on Op Rangdouri Behak in which 5 Pak-backed terrorists were killed

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Faustina Tay sent dozens of chilling voice messages pleading for help. "I'm scared they might kill me," she said. @thetake_pod  explores how her detailed messages revealed a disturbing reality in Lebanon. Listen:

#TablighMustAnswer | Tabligh threatens to push India into Stage 3. Despite having become India’s super spreader, the Jamaat continues to mock India’s effort. Is it time to begin the crackdown-report yourself or face murder rap? | Padmaja Joshi on @thenewshour  AGENDA

"We are beyond capacity. We are into the Plan B, C, D that we outlined," Cuomo says. Splitting ventilators, using B-PAP machines, backup plans. "We are over capacity for the number of ventilators in the whole system."

Some young people without underlying health conditions are dying of coronavirus. @drsanjaygupta  explores why that might be -- and what to do if you're worried

NEW: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he's increasing the maximum fine for social distance violations from $500 to $1,000. "It's not really about the fine. Nobody wants the money. We want the compliance."

“We are still a long way from the point at which we can evaluate the course of this pandemic with the safety of hindsight....[but] we are doing better than the doomsday models predicted...and this is good news. When will the media report that news?”

Health officials are urging Americans to continue practicing social-distancing measures, and warn that the next two weeks will be crucial in the United States' fight against the coronavirus.