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NOW: Palace holds press briefing.

WATCH: https://t.co/nE8vT7bDdZ
Former NBA guard Nate Robinson says the pressure he faced from coaches while playing in the league led him to therapy. https://t.co/GSwo8vm5DT
Ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is welcome to join the Liberal Party if ever she decides to run for the Senate in the 2019 midterm elections, Sen. Francis Pangilinan said. https://t.co/sYtgL3sWcl
Suspek na pangre-rape menor de edad sa Iloilo nahuli sa Cavite https://t.co/hclhD0wQIW
A hair salon on Connecticut Street in Greenhills, San Juan, caught fire on Wednesday morning. https://t.co/su0Kgi8vt8
Over 7,000 "tambays" were arrested in week-long operations by Metro Manila police against individuals who allegedly violated city or municipal ordinances. https://t.co/3XSy1fIc7J
Floods due to heavy rains affected Kabacan in Cotabato. https://t.co/qejH1QGchA
NFA rice imported from Vietnam now being unloaded at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. NFA said this shipment is for Region 3. | via @sandraguinaldo https://t.co/PfLzaL14mW
Imbes na tumugon sa tawag ng kalikasan, iba ang inatupag ng isang tindero sa CR ng isang gasolinahan sa Pasay City!
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Inspection at Manila City Jail uncovers drug paraphernalia, weapons https://t.co/yYDSgM4TkL
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