St. John’s, N.L. was covered in mountains of snow after a record-breaking storm left more than 70 centimetres of new snow on the ground in some areas. READ MORE:

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Breaking: Second coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in California, indicating virus is spreading in the state

The best protection against coronavirus is washing your hands -- but you have to do it properly: 🚿 Wet your hands 🚿 Lather, making sure to get soap in all the nooks and crannies 🚿 Scrub for *20 seconds* 🚿 Rinse and *dry thoroughly*

Watch: Bernie says a teacher shouldn't have to work 2 jobs then a teacher interrupts him & says she works 4 jobs. Bernie & the teacher than share a really beautiful moment!

JUST IN: The worst week on Wall Street since the Global Financial Crisis

BREAKING: The U.S. and the Taliban are poised to sign a peace deal Saturday, 18 years after the Afghanistan War began in the wake the Sept. 11 attacks.

BREAKING: Turkish military strikes kill Syrian regime officers and members of Hezbollah

President Trump says he's "looking at" a potential travel ban on countries relating to coronavirus and will make a decision "very soon"

Watch Jupiter the lion reunite with the woman who saved his life 🦁

#BREAKING US urges citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Italy over #coronavirus 

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