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Backstreet's back with a breath of fresh air thanks to their new acapella. @BackstreetBoys

Trump quoted a discredited article to back up his tweets.

But anyone who has had a past run-in with Chinese authorities may want to think twice about visiting the country, the ambassador says.

The spying case comes as Canada considers preventing Huawei from supplying equipment to 5G networks.


WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of #GreysAnatomy. Read at your own discretion.

"You know, it’s so, to me, boring, the O.J. It’s not who I am, and it’s something that obviously happened in my life," Kato Kaelin said.
NEW: Resilience may be the most important protection against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, a study found.

"We are taking all appropriate steps to keep Canadians safe and secure,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said.

Do you think this salary is fair?

“We are determined to stand our ground based on what is right for Canada … this is a tough and turbulent world,” said Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale after being asked about the Chinese ambassador’s remarks.

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