I can't fathom let alone express in words how authoritarian a mindset someone must be plagued with to believe that it's fine for political, cultural and financial elites to exempt themselves from the rules they demand everyone else obey. Anger at that is practically instinctive.

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If you’re reporting on Joe Manchin’s opposition to the climate change provisions in the Build Back Better bill, you should probably make a point of mentioning his family coal business and the Exxon lobbyist caught on tape bragging about weekly meetings with Manchin’s office.

This month, the #MannKiBaat  programme will take place on the 24th. I invite you all to share your ideas for this month’s episode. Write on the NaMo App, @mygovindia  or dial 1800-11-7800 to record your message.

Don’t let the headlines or the day to day up and down drama of legislating impact your advocacy. When it comes to enacting climate legislation, failure is not an option. Keep fighting.

Why journalists are failing the public in political coverage - Los Angeles Times

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It’s always the press’s fault and never the fault of the people communicating something. That’s just 101

#MridulAggarwal , the topper who created history by scoring 348 out of 360 marks i #JEEAdvanced  , speaks to India Today' @AnkurWadhawan  on what he thinks makes him different. Watch thi #ReporterDiary  #RE 

#Delhi recorded zero deaths due to #Covid19  and 26 fresh cases on Friday with a positivity rate of 0.04 per cent, according to data shared by the city health department. #RE 

Received an update on the fall harvest from folks at the SD Soybean Processors in Volga and the Madison Farmer’s Elevator in Ramona. Their insight on all things agriculture, from shipping and supply chain to biofuels, help guide my policy proposals.