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It's been true for decades but got way worse under Trump: the primary attribute of US corporate journalists is that they worship the CIA and FBI and treat whatever these security agencies tell these journalists to say and think as True without any skepticism. Just look today!

Just to be clear: yesterday, the US Treasury Dept posted a short note with one sentence containing an assertion about Russiagate that Mueller - after 18 months - never claimed. They offered no evidence for it: just asserted it. To MSNBC & CNN, this is "confirmation" it's true.

If you don't know that US intelligence agencies exist to spread disinformation and lie, then you know literally nothing about how the US Government functions. And if you claim to be a "journalist" but mindlessly treat all US Govt claims as true with no evidence, you're pitiful.

Left-liberal opposition to Bitcoin is based on the same mentality as support for NSA during the Snowden reporting was: if you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide. Privacy is needed only for criminals. There's no valid reason not to submit to centralized control:

Journalists, Learning They Spread a CIA Fraud About Russia, Instantly Embrace a New One

"CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers since President Biden took office, with ratings down more than 50 percent in multiple categories since Inauguration Day....MSNBC lost 34 percent of its total-day viewers and 30 percent during primetime."

The New York Times was polite enough to call this a "post-Trump slump" but the point is the same: the media outlets that staked their entire identity and purpose on being anti-Trump outlets now have no way to get people's attention with their star gone:

The way Fauci is talking here -- civil liberties concerns don't matter when we're talking about the risk of death -- is exactly the mentality of the Cheney/Rove Warriors on Terror: we can't concern ourselves with civil liberties when lives are on the line.


How have hundreds of billions upon hundreds of billions of dollars been spent in the name of security since 9/11, along with the deployment of drones and surveillance tech, yet a few hundred protestors can so easily breach the Capitol, just waltzing in and taking it over?

My Resignation From The Intercept The same trends of repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press generally have engulfed the media outlet I co-founded, culminating in censorship of my own articles.

"The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression."

One of the creepiest and most dystopian things I've seen since the pandemic began: a terrifying camera-equipped remote-controlled robot patrols Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore to -- for now -- warn about social distancing. Look at the fear. Story:

Literally the world's dumbest fucking people - the absolute dumbest, can't get dumber - are those who don't just claim but really believe Wall St. firms pay powerful politicians gigantic sums for banal 45 minute speeches because they want their wisdom rather than their servitude:

Pursuant to the new moral stricture promulgated this week by the NYT & CNN -- that Mount Rushmore is a shameful monument to racism and white supremacy -- both CNN and Bernie Sanders ought to repent for this praise they jointly heaped on it in 2016:

A handful of Silicon Valley oligarchs decide who can and cannot be heard, including the President of the United States. They exert this power unilaterally, with no standards, accountability or appeal. Politics now is begging them to silence adversaries or permit allies to speak:

Bolivian Police cutting the indigenous flag - which had been Bolivia's 2nd official flag - off their uniforms. This coup is literally the opposite of restoring democracy, which is how it's being depicted in the western press. It's violent, racist, imperial Christian fanaticism: