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@ChalupaChamp  @johncusackI ’m in favor of Democrats like Bernie going on Fox shows to deliver their messages, even when the hosts are vicious hate-mongers like Bill O'Reilly.

1/ Major crisis of democracy in Brazil unfolding after one of Bolsonaro's top Generals cursed & threatened Congress: his allies organizing a protest demanding the removal of non-compliant Congressional leaders — echoes of the 1964 military coup that Bolsonaro still supports.

3/ Bolsonaro spent 30 years explicitly saying that he favored a restoration of the military dictatorship. Many of Brazil's elites - including/especially in the media - decided not to believe him. They're now seeing that he is quite serious about it. The plan is well under way.

@ESQPolitics  Hil@ZaidJilanilary  was the front-runner in 2016. That was a political campaign. Pieces of Democratic shit constantly accused those of us who were criticizing her of being pro-Trump or pro-Putin. That's the whole point.

One of the many things which Democrats who began paying attention in 2015 and have been fed a steady diet of jingoism, Russiagate and reverence for neocons & militarism don't about @BillKristol  is he has the most amazing talent for being wrong about everything.

@BillKristol  For you establishment liberals who view @BillKristol  as a font of wisdom and knowledge - you know who you are - here are some of his greatest hits about Iraq. He followed it up a few years after by being Sarah Palin's biggest booster. He's dreamy and wise


The Mueller investigation is complete and this is a simple fact that will never go away: not one single American was charged, indicted or convicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election - not even a low-level volunteer. The number is zero.

Bolivian Police cutting the indigenous flag - which had been Bolivia's 2nd official flag - off their uniforms. This coup is literally the opposite of restoring democracy, which is how it's being depicted in the western press. It's violent, racist, imperial Christian fanaticism:

There’s no getting around the fact - no matter how much one wants to - that Rachel@maddow ’s performance on Russiagate was one of the most paranoid, unhinged and fact-free debacles of sustained media propaganda, fear-mongering, conspiracy-mongering and deceit in many years:

The people who are actually Interfering In Our Elections is the US intelligence community - the CIA and friends - strategically leaking bullshit on the eve of critical elections to sway the vote against the candidates they hate. That’s illegal. And dangerously anti-democratic:

This is awesome. Portland's city officials - police, judges, mayor - insisted they have the right to search people's trash with no warrants. So local alt-weekly () went through their trash and published the contents (via )

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A Brazilian judge just ordered former President Lula da Silva released from Sergio Moro's prison. An extraordinary day in Brazil - for the world, given Lula's stature.

All the anti-Sanders op-eds, the endorsements against him, the warnings from party leaders, the dirty ads from DC groups, the CIA leaks. None of it matters. They no longer have power. And they know it. That's why they're freaking out. Their last hope: beg Bloomberg to stop this

I know this isn't adding much but you can fucking believe they still haven't posted the full vote totals, still haven't explained anything about what happened, still haven't explained how they selected the results they did release, and still won't say when it will be finished?

Almost 100,000 people re-tweeted moronically & recklessly accusing Trump of *treason* for his Helsinki press conference, only for him now to casually admit it wasn't & deny he said it. Brennan is a pathological liar, a torture advocate, a killer & a icon: #Resistance