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Everyone is here - including him.
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Everyone is here - including him.


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It's been 6 years since the Sandy Hook shooting. Here are the names and pictures of the 27 victims, including 20 children, who were murdered that day. https://t.co/hrnp7UmK4M #SandyHook
Burst of tear gas fire pushes everyone back - overwhelms one of the people here. But still clashes not that huge #WestBank #Israel - DCO checkpoint near Ramallah
Bomb threats emailed to multiple locations across the country; including here in Northeast Ohio https://t.co/h6QgMQwaOK
Thanks to everyone who showed up with a monetary donation or canned good.

Here’s our haul so far, and don’t forget ours Sounds of the Season broadcasts continue as @CBCWindsor opens it doors at 530pm for a live viewing of CBC Windsor News at 6 w @ArmsBumanlagC#CBCSOTSONTTV
Here's a look at the timing of the rain arriving in Hampton Roads as well as how it impacts the next 3 days. including your weekend.
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