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I met Colin once last Fall when HQ Trivia was just starting out -- so much promise and potential to continue disrupting the media landscape. Only 34 years old. Sometimes you really never know what other people are going through. https://t.co/T0p82GoLZc
Congrats Matt, amazing what you and the team have built in just a year. Can't wait to see where 100T goes next.
We have such an amazing and professional team that works on #TheGameAwards. Today is the last day in the office for many of them before the holidays.
@NextGenPlayer @AdamShear We are growing — but Oscars are still bigger, that number is their US TV rating and what we publish is our global number. But directionally we are on a good path!
You're welcome thanks for watching and thanks to @cottonbureau for the great kits!
Somehow I missed this moment at the show #TheGameAwards
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