David P Gelles

Sen. Romney to @DanaBashCNN  on @CNNSotu  "I believe that what is being alleged and what we saw, which is incitement to insurrection, is an impeachable offense. If not, what is?"

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“Whatever spin the chancellor tries to put on the figures today, as a result of his decisions, we’ve suffered deeper economic damage, and much worse outcomes” Keir Starmer accuses Rishi Sunak of making decisions that damaged the UK economy #PMQs 

Eyewitnesses and local journalists say several more anti-coup protesters have been killed in Myanmar. Read more ➡️

South Korea's first transgender soldier found dead

Dolly Parton sings a vaccine version of "Jolene" as she gets her Moderna Covid-19 shot. The singer donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for coronavirus research last year @tictoc 

Congress has been ruthless in dealing with anyone who professes a different ideology especially if that ideology pertains to Hinduism: @ARangarajan1972 , Author, tells Rahul Shivshankar on India Upfront.  #RahulTrollsRSS 

Analysis: 13 not-so-greatest hits from the Capitol riot arrest records

America's infrastructure scores near-failing grades for its deteriorating roads, public transit and storm water systems due to years of inaction from the federal government, says the American Society of Civil Engineers. Its overall grade: a mediocre C-.