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Give me your 2 cents on this

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He's your hope, he's your angel ✨ Happy Birthday to @BTS_twt's J-Hope! (edit by taesflower-archive) #HappyJHopeDay
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Actual footage of me playing a stealth game. ❗️
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The national emergency is in the White House: Trump’s Rose Garden speech and his decades of self-aggrandizement are more closely related than you might think. He’s been doing this for a long time. My column today:
Enemy of the People was a term “adopted in Nazi Germany — ‘If someone wears the Jewish star, he is an enemy of the people’ — and, perhaps most famously, in the Soviet Union under Stalin, when being labeled enemy of the people amounted to a death sentence.”
BTS are getting their own @OriginalFunko Pops, along with Post Malone, Migos, and more #FunkoTFNY
This man is controlling his prosthetics with his minds.
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Apex Legends and Fortnite are more different than you think
Wishing everyone super happiness.

Looking forward to watching #kindness and #empathy and #gratitude explode in the pop culture consciousness over the next 3 decades!

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Via @DEALBOSS: This $30 vibrating flat iron smoothes your hair without tugging
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