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Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. CEO of @vaynermedia. Co Founder of @VaynerSports. Host of #AskGaryVee show & a dude who Loves the Hustle, the @NYJets

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I wish more people had the stomach for the Boo’s
That amazing feeling when they are boo’n you in the 3rd quarter ..........................and deep down you know exactly what the score will be at triple zero 0:00
Would love for you to listen to today’s episode of the podcast - Discussing Early Days with Brian Scudamore & Building Blocks with Lil Keed in NYC | DailyVee 534
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The Power of Telling the Truth | DailyVee 534
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Post 4Ds: How a Recruiting Firm Grew Sales By Building Brand
Have you ordered your @EmpathyWines subscription yet? @nkh3

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If you ever Retweeted anything I posted - I would want it to be this ..

Man, the world could use this perspective
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Here’s things that realllllly don’t work.




An inability to focus on what matters

An inability to forgive

Playing politics for your own advancement

Lack of humility
Under 30 years old? Give me your 4 min and 13 seconds pls
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Don’t waste energy ... focus on what you control, not what u wish u controlled
The answer is .... more communication
If you fear losing, you can’t win
If you see this tweet ... I wish you so much good ... I wish you health and happiness and the ability to get your perspective to all the opportunities... cynics lose, period ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Build the biggest building if you want to, stop tearing down other peoples buildings
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