Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Family 1st! Entrepreneur 2nd. CEO of @Vaynermedia & @VaynerSports. Investor in Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Venmo. 5X NYTimes best ?. Die hard NYJets fan. @137pm

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i'm drinking bone broth from now on instead of coffee ... that is all

Sports cards and Pokémon ect - graded cards are about to have a wild explosion... most think they missed it .. it hasn’t even started

@NDJCards  @CrunchTimeCardsI  @EricRayweather’@fcollia77m  not “pumping” I am sharing my passion of the obvious and trying to share my feelings with my community

I buy vintage mainly - bird magic is my target .. wilt ... dr J .. supply matters to me a lot

Anyone have psa10 macho man 1985 rookies Gar @vaynermedia .com

With the salaries in the NBA 🏀 going the way they are and the brightness and thoughtfulness of so many of the young men in the league, I think we are moments away from many of them becoming the top holders of premium basketball cards as a smart investment long term


If u wake up and everyone you care about is healthy - it’s a great day.

So much love to everyone who’s trying

If you ever Retweeted anything I posted - I would want it to be this .. Man, the world could use this perspective

99.9% of people that judge you or have opinions on you, have no idea what the fuck is actually happening in your life. So let the judgment carry less weight and .... stop judging as much

When you realize how unimportant you are to 99.999999999% of people, their judgment losses weight. They aren’t worried about you, they have their own shit

Stop buying dumb shit to make people you don’t even like think you’re doing well ...

If you see this I wish you so much happiness

Whatever is bothering you right now, take a breathe, be grateful for what is going well and realize what you can and can’t control, if you can’t control it, let it go and focus on what you can control, which at least is your “gratitude scale” ❤️♥️💛