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Latest Scoops

In our latest Top of the Table, take a look at Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, a fourth-wall breaking cooperative deduction game that makes you feel like a real investigator. https://t.co/GCemFxi4ge
Jackbox Party Pack 5 Targets October Release https://t.co/CJmi6Log4J
The Sports Desk – The Doomsday Scenario & Silver Lining For FIFA https://t.co/FhsKG5RGcq
A glimpse into Red Dead Redemption II's amazing wilderness. https://t.co/kD7URg3GuM
How did Will Wright come up with The Sims? Watch our new, exclusive video showing the designer's earliest sketches and notes from @museumofplay. https://t.co/PLNofGubVK
Nickelodeon Kart Racers Trailer Brings The Slime https://t.co/sovVPlvgLG
Get Ready For Launch With New Black Ops 4 Trailer https://t.co/3ZR9GkR54Z
Bumblebee Recalls The 80s In Full-Length Trailer https://t.co/CUmI4mhW1O
ICYMI: We searched TGS to discover the hidden gems. These games are worth putting on your radar. https://t.co/KBQppa2IcB
ICYMI: We went hands-on with Devil May Cry 5’s Dante, learning that the game jumps around in time. P.S. The motorcycle attacks are a lot of fun! https://t.co/TCXUFgiE5G
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