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Latest Scoops

The Last Jedi hauled in $220 million at the North American box office this weekend, making it the second highest domestic opening ever for a film. https://t.co/vZhJFhhMtu
On the latest episode of The GI Show podcast, we break down the most exciting announcements from The Game Awards. https://t.co/EWNfBDJbOa
Watch 13 minutes of gameplay from the Secret of Mana remake https://t.co/3DLcQEBOC4
Yes, Death Stranding's latest trailer was bizarre. But does it offer any real insight into gameplay? Watch our discussion here. https://t.co/9bgCOxEmvm
Cuphead's development was years of meticulous work. Find out just how much detail went into that process by watching this video. https://t.co/7xXdzhTfBY
This trailer for Monster Hunter: World is all about Palicos, who are fully customizable feline companions. https://t.co/UCozkdjuyC
On The GI Show podcast, we interview some of the most talented game developers around. Check out the latest episode for an in-depth discussion of what it takes to rebuild Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4. https://t.co/oQTqUsfXeC
See The Secrets Final Fantasy VII's Models Hide Beyond The Camera https://t.co/3SKpvAxkkT
Enemy From Breath Of The Wild's Latest DLC Has An Interesting Weakness https://t.co/R0LswyGR8E
These Were The Most-Downloaded Games On iOS This Year https://t.co/CVCyoLLy2o
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