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Latest Scoops

Assassin's Creed Rogue has been remastered and is coming out tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Watch us play the opening right here! https://t.co/xrMWQDSZ10
If you were making a list of your ten favorite games of all time, how many Mario games would make the cut? Listen to the latest episode of our podcast to hear our picks. https://t.co/WkjXPjVpaA
Metal Gear Film Director Shares His Underrated Metal Gear Games https://t.co/l4uVkXA7zo
We reminisce about our love-affair with Diablo II in the latest episode of The GI Show all about our favorite games of all time. https://t.co/L9pTS7AkaM
Reader Discussion – How Do You Feel About The State Of Early Access Games? https://t.co/UznmX0h5Tm
Here's why @telltalegames version of the clown prince of crime is so fascinating, according to @HurdyIV. https://t.co/V0dBuxDGas
Artist Creates Creeptastic Custom Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Stand https://t.co/lOqV09aDjs
On the latest Replay we take a look at Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which is as exciting as it is educational. https://t.co/WZX1JQmrms
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Did You Know Gaming Breaks Down Super Mario Bros 3 Trivia https://t.co/Fb6RtOHegJ
Watch our interview with Blizzard to learn about recording outtakes and lines of dialogue that should never see the light of day... https://t.co/YdSLKaTJoe
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