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Brexit Withdrawal Arrangement current status: "planned maintenance". https://t.co/nRlEapsfjx
Since everyone seems to disagree on the implications of a draft agreement they haven't even read in full, does it mean this could actually be a good deal in the making?
ECB December preview, current status: "tasking committees".
BTP Italia meets common sense.
(next week)
Nice chart from Peter Praet breaking down corporate sources of financing, getting closer to 50-50% between bank and non-bank.
The ECB used it to justify the importance of credit easing over quantitative easing in the early stages of the crisis - next time will be different.
Paraphrasing Peter Praet: monetary accommodation - via QE stock effect and forward guidance - doesn't mean that bond yields (and spreads) won't rise, for good (or bad) reasons.
Good EUR/USD 1.1275 morning.
Also, I see extremely low chances that the ECB will decide to adjust its total QE portfolios to new capital keys (only to reinvestments from 2019, representing very small numbers overall).
The bulk of the increase in the euro area's current account surplus since 2013 was driven by the region’s three largest trading partners (UK, US, China; from the @ecb's economic bulletin). https://t.co/SmCWqGAnXM
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