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H2O auditor flags rule breach during summer liquidity squeeze

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Wall Street banks explore option of ‘virtual internships’

German MFA @HeikoMaas  and MinFin@OlafScholz  : "The member states have varying financial capabilities with which to respond to this economic crisis, for which nobody is to blame. "

German MFA @HeikoMaas  and MinFin@OlafScholz  : "The funds must not come with any unnecessary conditions attached, as that would be tantamount to a rerun of the austerity policy that followed the financial crisis & would lead to unequal treatment between individual member states. "

German MFA @HeikoMaas  and MinFin@OlafScholz  : "We don’t need a troika, inspectors, and a reform programme for each country drawn up by the Commission. What we need is quick and targeted relief. The ESM can provide precisely that if we adjust it sensibly. "

German MFA @HeikoMaas  and MinFin@OlafScholz  : "Above and beyond that, we are proposing a pan-European guarantee fund to secure loans. In this way, the European Investment Bank (EIB) would ensure liquidity for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU countries. "

German MFA @HeikoMaas  and MinFin@OlafScholz  : "We are certain that together we can master this historic crisis. And what’s more, if Europe takes the right steps now, the European Union, our community of shared destiny, will emerge strengthened from the crisis. "

FT Exclusive: Financial regulators have freed up about $500bn of capital to help lenders absorb the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to calculations by the Financial Times

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As banks around the world come under stress from the coronavirus crisis, a New York Fed paper says there is a benefit of limiting disclosure of information on the soundness of banks in times of stress

Ukraine battles forest fires near #Chernobyl , raising radiation levels

Should we #invest  in #gold  as the #coronavirus  spreads? Short answer - Yes! @GoldCore , #Ireland ’s most long-established gold broker, experienced its busiest day in its #history  in recent weeks by Eithne Dunne via the cc @SunTimesIreland  @thesundaytimes