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"Bitter Rivals" traces how a 40-year rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia has fueled sectarian extremism across the Middle East for political gain. Watch Part I online, and catch Part II on @PBS 2/27: https://t.co/v6Ba3JqbXI
With reports of Arctic temperatures soaring 45° above normal today, get a firsthand look at Greenland's melting glaciers in our 360° video: https://t.co/w08NytQLwF
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Among the Rev. Billy Graham’s most enduring legacies was his role in merging patriotism and Christianity in the public sphere. https://t.co/A1wFAfvvN5
Iran's foreign minister spoke to FRONTLINE about Iran and Saudi Arabia's roles in the Middle East. READ his interview: https://t.co/mgEzYIRqQm
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister spoke to FRONTLINE about Saudi Arabia and Iran's roles in the Middle East. READ his interview: https://t.co/2IqdCes4Hx
.@Martin28Smith — who has been covering the Middle East for FRONTLINE for 20 years — was part of the team that made "Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia." https://t.co/Fq8CK8NbZS
Ryan Crocker served as U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Lebanon. READ his FRONTLINE interview for "Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia." https://t.co/r7y2DNq4aj
On 2/27: Part II of "Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia" examines how the two nations' geopolitical power struggle has rippled through conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Watch Part I online: https://t.co/F1uHhIQiwC
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The late Rev. Billy Graham found a religious message that resonated during the Cold War. “I believe today that the battle is between communism and Christianity,” he said. https://t.co/xdSBYwtLbZ
From the archives: The politics of guns, as told by former NRA insiders. https://t.co/d5Dk6fzrNh
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