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Why wasn’t the United States more prepared for the coronavirus outbreak? FRONTLINE investigates in “The Virus: What Went Wrong?” STREAM NOW:

"There's just a lot of hidden information that I think taxpayers have a right to see," says Rep. Sheila Dills, about Epic Youth Services' refusal to provide state auditors with details about its spending. READ @OklahomaWatch 's investigation:

"We're seeing an entire spectrum of issues that without the pandemic, I don't think we would have seen," says Billie Ratliff, dir. of behavioral health for UCHealth's southern Colorado region. READ @rmpbs  & @frontlinepbs ' report:

FRONTLINE examines how once-fringe conspiracy theories came to be wielded as a tool at the highest levels of American politics. STREAM NOW:

Sinthia Hernandez has cancer and diabetes, conditions that put her at a higher risk for complications if she contracts COVID-19. But for her, staying home from work is not an option. WATCH:

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A survey of dozens of Michigan clerks — conducted by @freep  in conjunction with @columbiajourn  Investigations and FRONTLINE — found local elections officials searching for creative ways to make sure voters and poll workers are safe.

"I’m still 33, and I have lived all of this. Americans, Al Qaeda, civil war, the killing of Sunnis, the killing of Shia, the executions, the beheadings. It’s a miracle I’m still able to talk, isn’t it?" - Omar Mohammed in "Once Upon a Time in Iraq." WATCH:

The company that manages Epic Charter Schools in Oklahoma refuses to provide state auditors details about how it spends millions of dollars provided by the state to pay for students' extra activities. Read @OklahomaWatch 's investigation:

Opioid maker Insys Therapeutics bribed doctors to prescribe a drug that has since been linked to hundreds of deaths. FRONTLINE and @FinancialTimes  investigate in "Opioids, Inc." STREAM NOW:


"In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party... fighting for a democracy is over the red line." - Agnes Chow, pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong. FRONTLINE went inside the most intense clashes over months of pro-democracy protests. NOW STREAMING:

“United States of Conspiracy” examines how three men — Alex Jones, Roger Stone and the president — helped to lay the foundation for conspiracy theories to take center stage in America’s national conversation. Tune in or stream 7/28: