Bernie Trump / Sunday / Donald Trump

For all the comparisons of Bernie to Trump (See FX, Sunday night) imagine Donald Trump disavowing a campaign surrogate because she had written an op-ed that called one of his opponents corrupt

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Bernie Trump / Sunday / Donald Trump

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On my way to the Great State of South Carolina. See everyone soon! #MAGA  #KAG 

We now have an intelligence chief who should not have been fired, an unqualified nominee who should not be confirmed, and an acting director who is patently unfit. All while our elections are perilously at risk of foreign interference. Just the way the President likes it.

for those keeping score, change in Dow Jones Industrial Average from the day they were inaugurated into the presidency through Feb 28 of their 4th year in office: Trump +28% Obama +63%

"The US has decided to postpone a meeting with leaders of Southeast Asian countries due to worries about the coronavirus outbreak..." (Whereupon the White House should probably stop telling us that covering this is just an effort to make POTUS look bad).

LARRY KUDLOW: The Coronavirus “is not going to sink the American Economy. What is.. or could sink the American Economy is the Socialism coming from our friends on the other side of the aisle.”

When we care about each other, when we create what Dr. King called a community of love, we become better human beings. Our movement of love and justice will defeat Trump’s hate and greed. Live from Springfield, MA:

Trump Economy wins: More jobs, higher pay, and the biggest results for Americans who need them most!

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"There’s a chance that it won’t spread, and there’s a chance that it will.” Trump’s gameshow antics are putting American lives at risk. He’s uniquely unfit to lead us through the coronavirus outbreak.

I never thought I would have to say this, but you can’t stop a global pandemic with tax cuts.