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@jonathan4ny Per DOJ, the man left a voicemail saying "that he had a 'present' for Senator-1, stating, in part, 'It’s a nine millimeter. Side of your…skull…' "
A New York man was arrested for threatening to murder and assault two Senators in retaliation for their support of Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation, @jonathan4ny reports.

The two senators aren't named, but the man left more than 10 threatening voicemails at their offices.
@ChuckGrassley After today's Senate Judiciary Cmte hearing went on even after Dems on the Cmte asked it be postponed b/c Senate is in recess until after the midterms, @ChuckGrassley just announced the Oct 24th nominations hearing is also still happening --> https://t.co/A
Senate Maj Leader McConnell says a GOP primary challenge to Pres Trump would be a "futile gesture," but says "everybody’s free to run if they choose to" (w/ @mikememoli) --> https://t.co/mFEeqRsQ0c
A group of 11 Senate Democrats have sent a letter to Pres Trump asking for him to disclose his and his family’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia —>
MCCONNELL says "I can’t imagine there will be no response" to Khashoggi's death, but says a decision on response won't happen until @SecPompeo tells Congress the investig was credible.

"I want to hear what Mike has to say before I decide what I think we ought to do," he says.
Trump-ally @LindseyGrahamSC on Pres Trump calling @StormyDaniels 'horseface': "He's a street fighter, but he's also the president. And I just don't think this elevates him, I don't think it does anything good for the country."
Just click on them. Always click weird unexpected pop-ups on your phone.
Can I be the first to volunteer to be the @NBCNews embed covering any potential Chance the Rapper campaign, or has someone already done that?
With the Senate in recess until next month (returning after the midterms), Dems on the Judiciary Cmte have requested that nomination hearings set for Oct 17 & 24 be postponed until after.

Chairman has@ChuckGrassley denied the request.

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