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Producer & Off-Air Reporter covering 2016 at @NBCNews. Instagram: (frankthorpv) Snapchat: (frankthorp) Also served as Chairman of the RTCA Exec. Committee.

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Former Defense Secretaries Panetta, Carter & Hagel send ltr to Congressional leaders: “We respectfully ask Congress to adopt a tax bill that will be paid for and will not further contribute to the uncertainty of future budgets.”
Happy Thanksgiving to you Senator! Do you have any comment on Roy Moore and whether you still endorse him?
I’m just bummed they didn’t stretch this mark-up until Saturday like Hatch threatened, amirite tax reporters??
McConnell: “When the Senate returns after Thanksgiving, I will bring this must-pass legislation to the floor for further debate and open consideration.”
Senate Finance Committee reports GOP tax reform bill to the Senate floor by a vote of 14-12.
Hatch says they’re soon going to vote on final passage of the chairman’s mark of the GOP tax reform bill.
A certain GOP Senator is retweeting from inside the mark-up —>
Roy Moore: "Yes, I have taken a stand in the past, I'll take a stand in the future, and I'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground." #ALSEN
Also, Carper on Franken: "And my only regret is that the even more serious and numerous similar assertions brought against President Trump over the years will never go that kind of scrutiny that this one assertion will receive."
Sen Carper on Franken: "The assertions, if true, are deeply troubling, they deserve to be investigated..."

Q: You said, 'If the allegation is true,' Senator, do you believe the woman in the article that made the claim?

Carper: "I've said my statement, you have it, that's it."
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