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Won't we have to do this all over again in September?
OMG is he not going to actually sign it???
*Communications Director

(You kinda gave him a demotion in your tweet)
WaPo on June 26, 1998: "The Supreme Court yesterday struck down the broad new line-item veto authority that Congress had given the president to cancel specific items in spending and tax bills.https://t.co/K2R3ZUWizH "
Pres Trump says he's "calling on Congress to give me a line item veto on all government spending bill..."
Pres Trump: "I will never sign another bill like this again..."

(This statement will be tested when they pass a government funding bill by Sept 30th...)
Pres Trump calls the Omnibus "this ridiculous situation that took place over the last week."
JUST IN: Sens @SenJohnThune & are@SenBillNelson formally calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee.
The Senate is adjourned until Monday (pro forma/no real work), and is back to start legislating again on April 9th.

So if this holds the government is shutting down.
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