The last real taboo in Britain is to ask someone who went to public school what role they think it played in their success

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You know what? I’m... I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the room.

NUMBERS TO CALL INCASE OF UNLAWFUL ARRESTS AT PROTESTS 310-313-3700 - LA 210- 227-1515 - SATX 804-291-8520 - Richmond VA 783-346-6322 - NY 612-444-2654 - Minneapolis 404-689-1519 - ATL 484-758-0388 - Philadelphia 502-705-0081 Louisville

Please follow @KenidraRWoods_  a young hero who has been an activist for a very long time. Amongst the most important voices right now. Everyone can learn from her. I know I can. #BlackLivesMatter 

If you’re more upset that Trump waved a Bible in front of a church than you are about leftist arsonists setting that church on fire, you might be a Democrat!

Suddenly #Antifa  and #BlackLivesMatter  aren’t so tough because, instead of storekeepers and little old ladies, the cavalry showed up. Paramilitary, meet the US military!

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The audacity. The ignorance. This man lost any credibility he ever had, which was a long shot to begin with.

cops are zoning in on argyle. everyone is blocked in. all cars and people are trapped in from both sides.

please take a minute to look at this petition. police are using ‘rubber bullets’ on peaceful protesters and hiding behind the word ‘rubber’ as if these bullets are a safe alternative to real ones- they’re not. they’re dangerous and can also be lethal.

Y’all want the 50’s so bad? You’re going BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! Part 2 tho...😞