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Latest Scoops

Out today! Explore the thin line between genius and genocide with Rex Royd!
People who get the Prometheus albums sometimes say they want to donate to a charity. Here is a wee advocacy thing for helping Palestinian families stay together. Have a powerful day out there https://t.co/ZRwTSaDiaj
Rex Royd comes out in a couple of weeks. You can preorder here. https://t.co/Ph0CgxY7ZG
Various free albums, etc available here. https://t.co/ZpZBNCMMIC
Final plug for the new standup album. Free on all platforms or you can just download from my website. https://t.co/ZpZBNCMMIC
Liverpool. Everything looks perfect and yet simultaneously you know it will completely implode by Christmas. Perhaps their true role is to act as a powerful metaphor for relationships, and life in general.
Forgot to bring nuts, and this guy is just absolutely not having it
There’ll be a thing where they tell you who wanked to your Instagram story, and it will destroy society
My new album : it’s free, but my mentions will still fill up with attention starved middle aged men joking about how they’re going to download it illegally. Twitter is a hell where you are sentenced to humour your unfunniest uncle for eternity. Run. https://t.co/ZpZBNCMMIC
Just a few weeks till Rex Royd comes out, perverting the course of “reality” “forever” https://t.co/Ph0CgxY7ZG
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