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Let’s embrace a Brexit so hard our teeth rattle: Instagramming roadkill, diabetic riots, clowns in the woods, truck cities, sniping apps, whites only wi-fi, escaped murderer in clown mask polling 18%, constant rain, TV won’t turn off, clowns on every channel, singing Hallelujah
This is very much worth reading, Hunter S Thompson's obituary of Richard Nixon
For a generation people in Britain have been told to be less repressed and open up about their feelings, and now they finally have the confidence to tell us how racist they are
If you’re a political journalist who has regular contact with people in power, and your analysis is always aligned with prevailing orthodoxy, then you’re not really a journalist, you’re a courtier.
New Statesman breaks cover and publishes what it really thinks https://t.co/9W6dF0ykXS
It’s hard to read this as anything other than Lincoln has told a joke, everybody is laughing, but Trump doesn’t understand it. A woman walks towards them wearing a suicide vest.
Brexit has many downsides but I think it will be nice for the Irish to watch a British famine
Coverage of Universal Credit talks of "vulnerable" groups, when it would be more appropriate to describe them as "oppressed". If the thing you are vulnerable to is your own society, you're oppressed.
@ggreenwald Yes, but in this case Kanye has been diagnosed by professionals and now refuses to accept the diagnosis. I don't see how it helps to accept his rejection of expert opinion, and get annoyed at the people who accept it.
It’s more like an Opposition leaders speech
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