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Highlight of Geostorm so far is Butler sending his 9 year old daughter off in an Uber, on her own, in the middle of nowhere
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Just put on Gerard Butler’s Geostorm. I have high hopes.
Tickets are hidden at mass rocks and holy wells throughout the county
When you hear Republican politicians getting worked up about electoral meddling, worth remembering that they are routinely in favour of voter suppression, and rigged the result of a US election themselves in 2000
If you're hard right, and what you actually hope Brexit will deliver is enough nationalistic division for you to build an authoritarian society, it's actually all going brilliantly
Trump, in his madness, being able to point out the truth that the US can’t trust its own intelligence agencies, seems to me positively Shakespearean
The James Joyce of homophobia
Just think of the memories today’s children will have when they look back on this never ending summer, as they club a militiaman to death for a hubcap full of dirty rainwater
The British press on Saudi, Turkey, Israel etc : don’t cover crimes of our allies; don’t cover protests against them; then complain the protests against them weren’t bigger, as a distraction from a big protest.
Saudi Arabia and Israel suddenly of interest to the British media when they can be used for a bit of whataboutery on the Trump protests
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