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USS Fitzgerald crash: Navy holds memorial to seven sailors killed https://t.co/HpyIviw3hv
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House Republicans demand Ginsburg recuse herself from travel ban case https://t.co/Z0rbQ2fnEG
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Paying workers to protest: The controversial trend of social justice benefits https://t.co/jmVjuDdQ9i
McConnell delays vote on Senate's ObamaCare overhaul bill https://t.co/YTLeLtWfQq
White House puts pressure on China amid North Korea concerns https://t.co/E1G9fpxpby
HEATED ERUPTION: Sarah Huckabee Sanders rips CNN, media at fiery briefing https://t.co/lpcWgC7Ze9
Crazy critters visit the 'Fox & Friends' set https://t.co/mU7qH0MAYz
.@LouDobbs: Severe consequences for Obama WH over Russia response https://t.co/i6cI8FqnZz
.@newtgingrich: Democrats lying about GOP health care bill https://t.co/dIuFHbFnSd
Dems urge their own leaders to move on from Russia | @Mark_Penn https://t.co/8jSFcMM5rI
The food secrets every pet-owner must know. Quick and healthy recipes that will change your pet's life https://t.co/1Vk6jriwrS
.@IngrahamAngle: Travel ban ruling 'not a complete victory' for WH https://t.co/yVDKSAufiX
.@marklevinshow: Travel ban ruling a win for the American people https://t.co/y529BPN7wd
.@SharylAttkisson talks about her new book 'The Smear' https://t.co/UT1mBmwJ0R
Are liberal colleges turning the corner on hateful rhetoric? https://t.co/0eVujXpMUv
What will a partial enforcement of the travel ban look like? @Judgenap takes a closer look https://t.co/xf38yMH3dy
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