Hoan Bridge Milwaukee Tuesday / Milwaukee County / Office

Law enforcement responded to the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening as protesters entered I-794 and started blocking traffic, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said.​

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Hoan Bridge Milwaukee Tuesday / Milwaukee County / Office

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Tulsa health official: Trump rally "likely contributed" to COVID-19 surge

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Donald Trump has turned all of American governance into a series of increasingly horrifying real-life trolley problems.

With the new security law in place, companies may think twice about doing deals in Hong Kong, says @antd 

No one knows the future, and we are in uncharted territory, but there is real reason to be *extremely* concerned about Harris County in particular right now.

Tucker Carlson rips CNN’s Don Lemon: “If you’re running a channel like CNN, you want dumb people on TV because they’re compliant. They’ll say what they’re told.”

LOOK: ABS-CBN workers and supporters prepare for a caravan leading to the House of Representatives to call for the approval of the network's franchise. | via @adrianayalin  #ABSCBNfranchise 

Amazon is removing Washington Redskins merchandise from its online store, adding to pressure on the NFL team to change its name in the midst of a nationwide conversation about racial injustices

Senate Majority Leader Migz Zubiri: I’m saddened by the thought of ABS-CBN not being granted a franchise. Im sad for the 11,000 employees who have to explain to their wives, husbands and children on how they will feed, cloth, and house them now they are jobless | @_katrinadomingo 

“A lot people thought once the alarm was sounded back in March surely the federal government would fix this, but that hasn’t happened.” ... America is running short on masks, gowns and gloves. Again. via @thewanreport ⁩